• Disparities in COVID-19 vaccine allocation prompt state equity initiatives

    BY SARA CHERNIKOFF AND THERESA COTTONCapital News Service Statewide disparities in COVID-19 vaccinations expose barriers that underserved populations face in avoiding life-threatening infection. Maryland’s early vaccination rollout shows a pattern of racial disparity mostly among Black and Latino residents.  Healthcare disparities hold a firm grip on communities of color in Maryland, a reality that has … Continue reading “Disparities in COVID-19 vaccine allocation prompt state equity initiatives”

  • Maryland looks to establish LGBTQ commission

    By TOM HINDLE Capital News Service Annapolis Bureau Del. Lily Qi recounted their stories to the House committee. There was the patient who was asked to leave her doctor’s office when she told her physician she was a lesbian.  There was the parent who was told to move to a different city when talking to a … Continue reading “Maryland looks to establish LGBTQ commission”

  • March Madness’ return was just as crazy as ever

    It’s that time of year folks! March Madness, the annual event where the best of women’s and men’s college basketball compete center stage, wrapped up last weekend with the final two championship games.  Last year, March Madness was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This proved to be such an upset for fans across the … Continue reading “March Madness’ return was just as crazy as ever”

  • Maryland bill would support unusual sports

    By TOM HINDLE Capital News Service Annapolis Bureau A bill in the Maryland House of Delegates aims to expand non-traditional sports and recreational opportunities in Prince George’s County.  Among them, it names skateboarding, lacrosse, remote control car racing, cricket, pickleball and disc golf — although it allows room for other sports or activities. “We wanna stay … Continue reading “Maryland bill would support unusual sports”

  • Maryland bills aim to make it easier to vote

    By AUDREY DECKERCapital News Service Annapolis Bureau After a polarizing 2020 presidential election and a worldwide pandemic, Maryland lawmakers are rethinking how to conduct voting.  The General Assembly is considering multiple pieces of legislation that would ensure Marylanders can vote by mail and vote early. In states across the country, there have been efforts made … Continue reading “Maryland bills aim to make it easier to vote”