Surviving Life: Chapter Seven

chapter 7_EDITED

Our group had gathered within the storage room of the grocery store. The bearded man had introduced himself as Carter, the owner. Carter’s group consisted of twenty people, including his pregnant daughter, Bethany, and her husband Nate. “I can’t believe it,” Carter sighed in disbelief, shoving his hands into his pockets and pacing back and forth.

“We couldn’t either, our pilot declared engine failure and a few minutes later we were on the ground.” Xavier told our host his story, “And then we were saved by this friendly passerby.” He turned and gave me a thankful smile, new hope appeared in his eyes.

The amount of hope that filled this room now was unimaginable. When Lauren and I first entered by ourselves, Carter’s group was silent and dismal. But when the others finally came in, they were overjoyed at the possibility that other people had survived this nuclear ordeal. I was always amazed at how happy people became when they were reunited with other humans.

Bethany sat on a large sack of flour, rubbing her large belly, having an in-depth discussion about space travel with Ryan. His youthful imagination brought smiles to the faces of Carter’s survivors, whether they be false smiles or true, they were necessities.

“What happened before the explosion? Was there a warning?” I asked Carter after taking a sip of the coffee he had given me.

He shook his head, “Barely, the war sirens went off for about five minutes. I called out to the customers over the intercom to make their way to the back of the store.” He nodded his head back at Bethany, “My daughter was here, she works here, but Nate wasn’t.”

I looked over at Nate, who was now standing with his hand on his wife’s shoulder, also listening to Ryan intently. “He wasn’t?”

Carter shook his head again, “No, he works about five miles away, at his restaurant. He was on his way here when the sirens started and he somehow managed to make it.” He chuckled, “The boy’s a determined little guy.”

I continued staring at Nate, he was now laughing at something Ryan said. There was no way he could have survived out there. I smiled and nodded at Carter, “Thank you for the coffee.”

A pile of paper towels sitting stacked against the wall was calling to me; I went over to took a seat. I took a deep breath and sat down. The mystery of Nate’s survival was bothering me. There was just no way he could have survived out in the open.

“Hey,” Lauren broke me from my thoughts. “Are you alright?”

I nodded, “Yeah, just reflecting. Trying to come up with a plan.” I looked around the room again, “This place isn’t big enough for thirty people to survive.” I acknowledged Bethany. “Thirty one.”

Lauren made a sound of agreement, “Well…I guess we’ll figure it out as we go along.” She smiled, her glasses rising with her cheeks.

“That sounds like it will work for now.” I put my head back, “Maybe we’ll be able to find somewhere underground within the next few days.”

She sighed, “I sure am going to miss the sunlight.”

Surviving Life: Chapter Three

People. I thought to myself. I rushed out of my car and dashed to the sight of the crash. Screw being alone. People could have survived that.

As I approached the crash site, I heard shouting and screaming. I saw shapes moving erratically away from the plane, clumped together, dragging one another away from the flames. The ashen bodies wept and pleaded for help. And help them I would.

I ran to the first person I passed and grabbed their hand; it was a young boy, no more than twelve years old, his blonde hair was covered in soot and he squinted his green, bloodshot eyes. I led him to the SUV “Wait here! I’m going back.” I told him as he collapsed against the door.

More people were running away from the plane “Come with me!” I shouted at them “Please, follow me!” several people approached me and allowed me to lead them back to the SUV.

“What happened? Why did we crash?” they were asking, their panicked tones rising, repetitively begging me for answers that I did not have.

“I don’t know why your plane crashed,” I began “There was a nuclear explosion about an hour ago, that probably has something to do with it.”

“Why?” One of the women screamed at the notion.

“I don’t know, miss” I shook my head as I shepherded the small crowd of survivors back to the SUV.

There were now ten of us. We gathered ourselves into the vehicle, the young boy sat on the lap of one of the female survivors in the very back of the SUV. “Where are you taking us?” one of the men asked.

I stared at the wheel, unsure of where to go “Where do you want to go?”

Everyone was silent, no one knew what they wanted, there was nothing to be had. “You said there was an explosion?” the man reiterated.

“Yes, about an hour ago.” I nodded my head.

“Did the government announce an evacuation center?”

“I don’t know; I was out camping.”

4bae2One woman groaned “Let’s just get to a town, there has to be someone alive that knows what’s going on.”

There were sounds of agreement being made throughout the vehicle. “Alright, we’re about two hours from the nearest town.” I started the engine “Look out for any more survivors.”

“What do we do if we find anyone else?” the woman asked.

“We help them.” I told her.

“We have nothing to give them.” The man said.

I shrugged and began to drive “We’ll figure it out as we go along.”


Musical Theatre Club at UB

Is musical theatre an obsession of yours? Do you often find yourself bursting into song or delving into intense commentaries on your favorite Broadway productions? And do you often find yourself surrounded by people who do not care about the subjects of Broadway and musicals as much as you do? If you were able to answer “yes” to all three of these questions, then the University of Baltimore has a home for you!

The new Musical Theatre Club at UB, founded by the vibrant UB student, Drew Jefferson, will allow you to discuss the topics of musical theatre among other theatre-minded UB students. In this group, you will watch musicals, and even see musicals in the Maryland, DC, and maybe even New York City! With enough members, the goal will be to see at least one actual Broadway musical a year, and eventually even one a semester!

The Musical Theatre Club at UB requires at least ten people in order to break ground in the Student Center, room 301. An interest meeting will take place on Monday, November 21, 2016 from 2:30 to 3:30PM. Snacks will be included.

Contact if you wish for more information, musical requests, or if you just want to help the club get started.