Editorial: Welcome to Spring 2021!

As we begin a new semester at the University of Baltimore, I’d like to take a moment to welcome you back and keep you informed about changes here at The Sting. “Zoom University: Part III” is now officially underway, and for many of us, the prospect of being stuck at home another 15 weeks seems […]

President Schmoke plots a return to campus during University-wide town hall

President Schmoke is plotting a return to campus at University of Baltimore, according to remarks made during a campus-wide town hall on Thursday.  Designed to discuss feasibility of re-opening, he also addressed concerns around faculty and staff testing requirements as well as HVAC updates across various campus buildings. President Schmoke opened the meeting with an […]

Second Chance Pell Grant Program gives incarcerated an opportunity to earn a college degree

After being selected by the US Department of Education, The University of Baltimore has partnered for several years with the Jessup Correctional Institution through the Second Chance Pell Grant Program.  The Program is a Federal initiative started during the Obama Administration that allows incarcerated people across the United States to receive a college education.   Second […]

SGA Makes A Last Ditch Effort to Bring Pass/Fail Option

University of Baltimore’s Student Government Association has made a last ditch effort to reverse the university back to an alternative grading model.  Although administration, faculty, and students have deliberated on the issue since earlier this year, little progress has been made as the university has gone without the option since the summer semester. In early […]