Editorial: Welcome to Spring 2021!

As we begin a new semester at the University of Baltimore, Iโ€™d like to take a moment to welcome you back and keep you informed about changes here at The Sting. โ€œZoom University: Part IIIโ€ is now officially underway, and for many of us, the prospect of being stuck at home another 15 weeks seems […]

SGA Makes A Last Ditch Effort to Bring Pass/Fail Option

University of Baltimoreโ€™s Student Government Association has made a last ditch effort to reverse the university back to an alternative grading model.  Although administration, faculty, and students have deliberated on the issue since earlier this year, little progress has been made as the university has gone without the option since the summer semester. In early […]

A Tale of Two LSATS

Months after the start of a pandemic and lockdown, we have begun to take steps toward returning to normalcy.   Enter the LSAT Flex here. This is a fun little test administered by the LSAC, or Law School Admission Council, who has been continuing efforts across the country for people to take the LSAT even as large testing centers are forced to remain closed.   […]

UB Police Department Officer William Evans passes away on Sunday, at 45

University of Baltimore Police Officer William Evans, age 45, died on Sunday, November 1 of a heart attack. He was playing a game of basketball prior to his passing. Arriving at the University of Baltimore in 2019, Evans previously led a career with the Baltimore Police Department. Many remember him as having a warm smile […]

COVID-19 Leads to Fewer Student Work Study Positions

The 2020 fall semester is uncharted territory for students and faculty alike at the University of Baltimore. While most students adapt to Zoom classes and remote learning, some are also adjusting to the lack of opportunities for on-campus employment.  In past years, Federal Work Study funds were allocated for a variety of positions including those […]