The Color Theory

The Color Theory is an influential fashion column – focusing on a wide range of topics reflecting history and symbolism through pieces of clothing. Dive deep into his commentary about the world of streetwear.

The Color Theory: Luxury Buying and Sneaker Culture

People are willing to spend high money on sneakers for the hype –  the exclusivity consisting of vibrant colors and unbelievable comfort. We can all agree, spending on luxury items (such as exclusive, high-end sneakers) can boost confidence and egos among many people in “sneaker culture”. Nicole Anne Pore of Highlight Story points out four … Continue reading “The Color Theory: Luxury Buying and Sneaker Culture”

The Color Theory: Embrace Your Culture for Black History

As we all know, February is Black History Month. With racial injustice being brought to national attention within the past year, this time around feels a lot more important compared to recent years. Said best by N’dea Yancey-Bragg of USA Today, “Black History Month recognizes the contributions African-Americans have made to this country throughout time. … Continue reading “The Color Theory: Embrace Your Culture for Black History”

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