The Color Theory: Luxury Buying and Sneaker Culture

People are willing to spend high money on sneakers for the hype –  the exclusivity consisting of vibrant colors and unbelievable comfort. We can all agree, spending on luxury items (such as exclusive, high-end sneakers) can boost confidence and egos among many people in “sneaker culture”. Nicole Anne Pore of Highlight Story points out four […]

The Color Theory: The 90’s Are Back

Ladies, how many of you are digging through your mom’s closet right now? If not, you definitely should! As some of you may have heard, 90’s fashion has skyrocketed back into the fashion realm in recent memory. Fashion influencers and major celebrities, such as Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, are becoming “re-inspired” (as you may […]

Honeycomb Hideout: Another Year Older, But Wiser?

Dear Honeycomb Hideout, My birthday is coming up. I won’t reveal my age, but it’s 20 something.  Looking at the last year, I realized that I haven’t done as much as I wanted, and the idea of turning older is weighing on me hard. Do you have any advice on how to relieve some of […]

At Large: You’re Living in the Greatest Time to Be Alive

 No surprise: 2020 was definitely a rollercoaster year, mostly with lows and highs that made your stomach squeal.  And, let’s be honest, 2021 has so-far provided plenty of rocky moments — whether it’s a violent insurrection and claims of election fraud that persisted nearly to the day of President Biden’s inauguration, numerous deaths of beloved […]

Friday Groove: George Harrison

When I worked at Record and Tape, we had a poster in the back room of the Beatles, with handwritten labels above each member. Ringo’s said “Stupid Head.” John’s said ”Dumb Head.” What Paul’s said is too vulgar for this publication. But George’s said “Eh, he’s ok.” Over the years, I don’t really recall hearing […]