Editorial: Welcome to Spring 2021!

As we begin a new semester at the University of Baltimore, I’d like to take a moment to welcome you back and keep you informed about changes here at The Sting. “Zoom University: Part III” is now officially underway, and for many of us, the prospect of being stuck at home another 15 weeks seems […]

The Color Theory: Color of Attraction

Love is in the air – well, more like the coronavirus. But as we all know, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, if you despise intimacy or longing for it, you just can’t seem to hide away from the love. Universally, the color red is commonly associated […]

Honeycomb Hideout: Flowers, Chocolates, Pandemics, and Situationships

Welcome back to the Honeycomb Hideout!  I know it’s been awhile but between holidays and the end of the world I was a little preoccupied. However I am back and better than ever (or at least my false sense of confidence allows me to believe that).  I feel like I picked the best time because […]

At Large: You’re Living in the Greatest Time to Be Alive

 No surprise: 2020 was definitely a rollercoaster year, mostly with lows and highs that made your stomach squeal.  And, let’s be honest, 2021 has so-far provided plenty of rocky moments — whether it’s a violent insurrection and claims of election fraud that persisted nearly to the day of President Biden’s inauguration, numerous deaths of beloved […]

Friday Groove: Medicine at Midnight – Foo Fighters

It feels like most albums I’ve reviewed over the last year were recorded before the pandemic, and were subsequently shelved temporarily. Foo Fighters latest is no exception. To coincide with their 25th anniversary, Foo Fighters had planned to release their 10th studio album, Medicine at Midnight last year. With the cancellation of their tour, postponing […]