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Honeycomb Hideout: Welcome

Welcome to the Honeycomb Hideout. As cliché as that name sounds, I have my reasons for choosing it. It first goes along with our university’s mascot, Eubie the Bee; second, it’s the weekly advice column of publication called The Sting; and lastly, the name was thrown out there by my mother the person who gives me the best advice to be trickled down […]

Honeycomb Hideout: Another Year Older, But Wiser?

Dear Honeycomb Hideout, My birthday is coming up. I won’t reveal my age, but it’s 20 something.  Looking at the last year, I realized that I haven’t done as much as I wanted, and the idea of turning older is weighing on me hard. Do you have any advice on how to relieve some of […]

Honeycomb Hideout: Divorcing Friends

Dear Honeycomb Hideout, I am currently stuck between what seems like a divorce of the friend group. Without going into too much detail, my friends got into an altercation without me being present and now it seems like battle lines have been drawn. On one side of the argument I have a friend who feels […]

Honeycomb Hideout: Getting Back Out There

Dear Honeycomb Hideout, With vaccines and everything opening back up with spring, I feel like it’s time for me to get back out there. I have been swiping through the whole pandemic and after talking to a few people I have a few I want to meet up with. Do you have any advice for […]

Honeycomb Hideout: Springtime Sadness

Dear Honeycomb Hideout,  I’ve recently felt down in the dumps. I know we all are going through something but between the snow and covid fatigue I just feel like it’s never going to end. What should I do to get me out of this slump?  -Restless in Remington  Well my friend, like you said we […]