The Quick Rise of a Hometown Hero: Immanuel Quickly

Becoming a professional basketball player may seem impossible. But Northern Maryland native, Immanuel Quickley “quickly” rose to stardom as one of the most important pieces of a rising New York Knick squad, also garnering the nickname “The Floater King” for his efficient use of floaters around the paint. Quickley was born in Havre de Grace, … Continue reading “The Quick Rise of a Hometown Hero: Immanuel Quickly”

“That’s Three!”: How the O’s Struck Out Another Lifelong Fan

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the obviously fake tweet saying something to the effect of, “I’ve been an Orioles fan all my life, and a season ticket holder since [insert year here]. The Orioles have lost me as a fan.”  Of course it’s just a copy and paste format, meant to … Continue reading ““That’s Three!”: How the O’s Struck Out Another Lifelong Fan”

The Bums of Baltimore?

In 1939, Willard Mullin of the New York World Telegram got into a taxi and asked the driver how the hapless Brooklyn Dodgers were doing.  “Dem bums are bums,” the cab driver said. The name stuck as long as the Dodgers were in Brooklyn despite numerous World Series appearances and a title in 1955. But … Continue reading “The Bums of Baltimore?”

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