Baltimore, the leading location for women in business

Women in business are said to be more successful in Baltimore

By Lawanda Johnson

Digital Content Manager

The ongoing battle for women’s equality in the world of business has been a tough battle to fight, especially within the United States. Historically speaking, men have been more likely to obtain a white-collar job inside of the workplace, than women. Even today, that is still, sadly, the case. You have female candidates who have effectively shown qualities that could very well be beneficial to a company, but, instead, they are pushed to the wayside, solely due to their gender. Though men are culturally expected to lead, where does that leave the women? Overshadowed by the stereotype that men are generally more equipped to adequately drive the wheel of business? Are we saying that a woman doesn’t have the ability to get ahead in the corporate world? What are we basing that on? So many questions are going unanswered. Both socially and politically, women face a level of injustice, and, unfortunately, it’s a harsh reality for a lot of women in today’s business realm, as well. Thus, restraining them from the potential of actually successfully running or even, possibly, owning a business.

However, according to recent reports from, Baltimore has been deemed the leading location for women in business. The city ranked number one in ShareFile’s Businesswomen Power City Index observation—which evaluated cities’ percentage of women-owned businesses, the amount of executive positions held by women, and, also, compared the wages of men and women, along with the cost of living for women.


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During the findings, it was discovered that Baltimore holds a high percentage of women-owned businesses and everyday businesswomen who are occupying executive roles, 23% of which are the women-owned businesses and 31% of women holding executive jobs, in the area. The high buying power for women, also, solidified the city’s first place, creating a great milestone for the Charm City and its business professionals.

Baltimore’s ranking exceeded other major metropolitan cities, such as Tampa, FL and Washington, D.C.—with Tampa following in second and D.C. in third. This poses the question, “Why are we number one?” Well, it’s simple; traffic for businesses in Baltimore is considerably rapid. With both D.C. and New York being its next-door neighbors, the possibilities to network with others around the business community—migrating throughout the area, and grow the efficiency of a business are endless.

“Baltimore is a great city to work in because, although it is a smaller ‘big city,’ it is centrally located to other larger metropolitan areas.” Owner of Garnering Change Psychotherapy, Heather Garner, explains. “In two hours on the train, you can be in New York City, forty-five minutes and you can be in Washington D.C., and in an hour, you can be in Philadelphia. With a smaller population than cities close by, and so many unique communities and groups here in Baltimore, networking is super easy, and word-of-mouth referrals are often the bread and butter of small businesses.”

Surprisingly, though one would assume that the working grounds in a city like Baltimore are extremely competitive, Garner says that the business community is actually very supportive and close-knit, which has contributed to the amount of businesses that are still active and why we are carrying the leading title.