What is the UB Post?

A look between the lines of the paper in front of you

By The UB Post Staff

The public text in your hand is the end result of many efforts. From the hiring of writers and editors to wrangling with fresh technology to emails flying around a mile a minute, the flat surface of this page belies the depth of effort that brought it into existence.

If this all sounds a bit saccharine, it probably is. But the Post is a mix of hard-edge determinism and moon- eyed ideals. It’s where we, a team of writers, editors, designers and producers coupled with our innovative and determined business team, create a mirror for the city we live in and the university we attend. We take a hard look at institutions and egos alike as much as we report on the city’s and university’s triumphs. We are students and we are adults. We are learning and developing as we take responsibility for our work.



I frequently refer to myself as a jack of all trades. My day usually starts with emails between myself and the other managers on staff, our advisor, or the readership. Specifically for this issue, I was tasked with ordering our new website, hiring staff to fill open

positions, weighing in on the new logo decision, brainstorming story ideas, amongst a host of other duties. Although I’m generally tasked with overseeing all of the departments to ensure timely, complete and aesthetically pleasing issues are delivered to you, sometimes when we have open positions I also end up managing those too.

Because we are missing several key positions in our business department, this issue I spent a lot of time marketing to advertisers and helping to facilitate their needs. Ensuring ad copy is received from the advertisers on time to be delivered to the production staff to verify proper sizing is essential to our success. Once the issue prints, an invoice along with copies of the paper will be sent to the advertiser. I also ensure that the Post is marketed and promoted amongst the student body as well as faculty and staff.

Managing Editor

As the Managing Editor, I work directly with the staff writers, contributors and columnists to flesh out article pitches and angles. Once the articles have passed my desk, they move on to the Editor-in-Chief Jessica Greenstein, and Production Manager Robert Summerville for another round of edits and the beginning stages of layout and production.

Web Editor

Our Web Editor, Lawanda Johnson, receives the same files that our Managing Editors, except she gets them through our WordPress platform for our website. She participates in the editing process on production weekend and then receives the finalized version via PDF, makes the final changes to the copy online, tags the articles accordingly, and schedules them to publish the same day that the paper edition comes out. You may notice that not everyone’s articles are published online under their individual names, but rather a monthly PDF version of the issue. This is because those writers opted to not setup or submit their articles online for publishing. Lawanda is also responsible for the content that is posted to the web between issues as well as the overall upkeep and management of the website.


Production Manager

Production of the UB Post lasts for one weekend, at the end of the month. The production manager works with 2-3 production assistants, who are typically graphic design students, to design and lay out the look and feel of each issue. Like the editorial team, the production team requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the newspaper will be printed properly and timely.

The Sunday before the issue hits the stands, you’ll find the four of us in the UB Post office on the fourth  floor of the Student Center with printouts of the page mockups and red pens in hand, looking for any last straggling typos and formatting issues.

Our coverage includes city news, student government and the arts scene, and there’s always room for more as we expand our online presence. We are always on the lookout for writers, designers, photographers and designers. Please contact Andrew.Klein@ubpost.org, Robert.Summerville@ubpost.org, Lawanda.Johnson@ubpost.org, or Jessica.Greenstein@ubpost.org if you have any interest in joining the team.