Rice’s Suspension Overturned; Teams Expressing Interest

Ray Rice will be able to resume his NFL career.

The former Ravens running back’s appeal was heard earlier this month in New York City by former U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Jones on Nov. 5 and 6. During the hearings, Rice and his wife Janay, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Ravens President Dick Cass and General Manager Ozzie Newsome were among the key figures who were called to testify. On Nov. 28, Judge Jones released her decision, and ruled that Goodell’s indefinite suspension of Rice was “arbitrary.” Jones went on to write that because the imposition of discipline wasn’t consistent, “an abuse of discretion” had occurred on Goodell’s part. She also wrote that the NFL failed to prove that Rice was misleading when he and his wife met with Commissioner Goodell at the league offices back in June. However, Judge Jones did allow the league’s original two-game suspension to stand.

In the days since Rice’s reinstatement, ESPN has been reporting that four teams are expressing interest in rice, including the Saints and Colts. However, ESPN’s sources are reporting that it’s unlikely any teams will sign Rice before the end of this season. Any team that might sign Rice now would be a playoff contender that’s dealing with injuries to its running backs. Another factor is reportedly how Rice would be received in the locker room. Another scenario is that Rice may wait and see what happens during the offseason.