Honeycomb Hideout: Too Broke for the Holidays?

Dear Honeycomb Hideout, 

With the holidays approaching, I realized one thing – I don’t have the money to spare to buy gifts for my family or friends. Thinking back, I know the holidays come every year, but this year has been so crazy I didn’t plan it out.  What should I do?  


Less Money Mo Problemz? 

Dear LMMP,  

Let me just say take a breath. The holidays are already a stressful thing that we must all deal with every year. During the holidays, we always have these obligations that we don’t have the rest of the year. This includes gathering with all of our family, answering uncomfortable questions like how’s school? Do you have a bf/gf? Why you don’t call us or home as much?  

These questions alone are why I invested in a flask as well as invented the 3v3 rule, but we’ll get into that in a bit. Let’s address the problem you originally came to me with – not having money to buy gifts for your family. My two cents on this is you’re 23, so you are either just starting your post-graduation job or in-between job, you’re still in school and working something that barely pays, or last but not least the global pandemic has smacked you with a red shell like Mario Kart making all of your coins fall out. Either way, you are not currently in a place to spend money on gifts which is okay.  If your family judges you due to you not buying them a candle or some terrible tie your father will never wear, then you have more problems going on than you realize. 

My suggestion is if you want to give your family something for the holidays take it back to your roots, and by that I mean homemade childhood gifts. Now before you say you don’t have the supplies to make a “vase” that’s so misshapen your grandmother will use it as an ashtray, I’m thinking more something like a photo collage or even a family photo you can get a frame for. If it’s a picture that has sentimental value to you it will work just as well for your family.  Trust me, I have been famous for going to Michaels crafts on December 24th during my first few years of college.  

Stop putting this much pressure on yourself for the holidays.  They’re meant to be the time to be around your family and enjoy each other’s company; the gifts really don’t mean anything in the long run. Things eventually break or get thrown away, but the memories you make are what is priceless.  

Now at this point if none of this advice is working for you, there is the 3v3 rule (see, I always bring things full circle). The 3v3 rule is my ultimate ace in the hole move for anything I never want to do, and it’s basically drinking 3 drinks and matching it with another 3 within 2 hours. It is simple in theory but after having 6 drinks in 2 hours you’re either buzzed enough to feel social or close enough to a blackout your family becomes completely irrelevant cause your trying to not pass out.  

So, best of luck, my friend.  And remember, the holidays come every year so next year book a vacation to avoid this mess. 



Honeycomb Hideout: Balancing School, Work, Life, and Everything Between

Dear Honeycomb Hideout,

School has started and I’m so stressed out. Everything seems to be piling up on top of me and all I want to do is climb back in bed and throw the covers over my head. I’m struggling to adjust to everything from online school, work, and personal time for myself, and let’s not even get around to mentioning a social life (or as much as possible during a pandemic). Any advice?

Sleepless on St. Paul Street

Dear Sleepless, 

Let me just say that what you’re feeling is something we all are. 

Reading this, it’s officially the second day of fall. I can speak for everyone here and say that, in the blink of an eye, we went from March to September. Spring break literally turned into one long prison sentence that somehow robbed most of us of the summer. 

Saying that, you either did one or two things in terms of social distancing: you quarantined or you didn’t and broke out constantly because you didn’t want to be cooped up. If the latter applied to you, you more than likely enjoyed house parties, bars, parks, and everything either because you could work from home or was out of work collecting larger-than-usual unemployment checks. Now, three months later, we’re all here with the world somewhat trying to get itself back on track. 

Yet, here you are, now used to Margarita Monday, Kickback Tuesdays, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, and then weekend festivities. Maybe I’m projecting, but I also saw the same people when I was out on the daily so I’m going to assume you were one of them. 

Here’s my blunt advice: It’s time to get back into focus and find what we and experts call a healthy work-life balance. Balance means a lot of things, like cutting back on the amount of time spent with friends, dedicating a certain day to all of your school work, or even gathering all six infinity stones and wiping out half of the universe like the mad titan Thanos himself. Seriously,  only you know what you need in terms of a balanced schedule.

Personally, I love my giant whiteboard with my month planned out, allowing me to take time to set daily goals which can prove helpful. In this new Covid-19 world we’re all stressed out, so know that you’re not alone and it’ll get better as long as you keep trying to make it through.

Wash your hands, wear your mask, and if someone offers you a tequila shot they’re more likely trying to ruin your life.