University of Baltimore (UB) Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey Results

By Elizabeth Paige

The University of Baltimore is committed to maintaining a university setting and educational environment that is healthy and nondiscriminatory for students, including an environment free of sexual misconduct of all types. In February 2016, UB’s Title IX Advisory Committee contracted with the UB Schaefer Center for Public Policy to administer a sexual assault campus climate survey to students to seek student input about the University’s climate and student experience regarding the incidence of sexual discrimination, misconduct and relationship violence. Thank you to the students that took the time to participate in this important research. Your survey responses and opinions matter to help inform the development of University programs and services.
The following information summarizes the results of the survey:
Between February 12 and February 29, 2016, 4,960 UB students were invited to participate in the sexual assault campus climate survey. Of those invited, 680 (16.65%) completed the survey with an additional 106 completing some of the survey questions:

  • The majority of students responding were aware of the UB Police Department and the UB Counseling Center as places to report instances of sexual misconduct.
  • The majority of students responding felt that UB would take reports of sexual misconduct seriously, handle the report fairly, maintain privacy, take steps to protect the safety and support the reporter of sexual misconduct and address factors that led to misconduct.
  • At the time of the survey, the majority of students responding had taken some sort of training about sexual assault or violence.
  • The majority of students responding correctly identified as “responsible employees” the UB Title IX Coordinator, any UB staff member, and regular UB faculty members.

The results of this survey will help the University in its work to keep the campus environment free of sexual discrimination. Such efforts include plans to make an effort to tailor sexual assault-related outreach and awareness activities to meet the needs of students within the individual colleges at UB, when possible and appropriate, noting that students’ needs may differ in certain colleges. UB will institute a cycle of providing students with notice about the Secure Escort and LiveSafe app to increase the number of students who have this app and to increase overall student awareness. UB will also seek additional methods to increase the response rate of campus climate surveys in the future.
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Please contact the Office of Government and Public Affairs at 410-837-4533 or with questions.

The Library Insider: News from Langsdale

The Case of the Missing Library

By Laura Melamed

Are you looking for the library?

We’re open in our new location. Find us on the third floor of the Learning Commons. Whether you take the elevator or the stairs, you can’t miss us.

Natalie Library
Library Insider 1: Reference and Instruction Librarian Natalie Burclaff at the reference desk in Langsdale Library at the new Learning Commons location

We know that treasure hunts can be fun but in this case you might have to settle for finding us as soon as you reach the third floor. The fun could be found in hunting for books but, sorry to disappoint you, that may be a little easier as well.

Our books are now located several feet from the circulation desk which you can see as soon as you enter DVDs are still right nearby and they’re still free to check out. Several study rooms can be found near the circulation desk as well.

You can find more study rooms on the fourth floor along with a number of computers.

Is it time for a study break? Take in the expansive view of Baltimore City through huge windows on both the third and fourth floors.

Library Insider 2: Ron Williams, MFA Creative Writing and Publishing Arts, reads at Langsdale Library’s new location in the Learning Commons


Do you want to socialize? Come to the library’s Cupcake Social on Sept. 3 from rom 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Fill your water bottle at one of the library’s two filtered water filling stations.

Do you need to prove to your parents you were at the library?

Get your photo taken with your favorite book. Library staff can turn a portrait of you and your beloved publication into a Read poster for parents, posterity or personal enjoyment. It’s up to you to pick.

Then pick out another book. Langsdale Library has many. You never know which one will be your new favorite.

Obviously, there are many reasons to visit the library. And obviously, it’s a visit you don’t want to miss.