March 2015 Issue

We have another great issue for you all. In this issue features two photo essays, more box subscriptions, delicious recipes, news about what’s going on around campus and a special column from UB’s own DDG.

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UBPost March 2015

March 2015: Letter from the Editor

“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.” — Albert Einstein 

You must be well underway with your classes by now and hopefully managing your time well. If there is one important thing I can stress to you after this month’s production of the Post, it’s time management. Keep your eye on those deadlines. You may think they are far away, but a month passes very quickly. Stay ahead of the game and be proactive. Your first major paper isn’t due until mid-March? DVR TGIT and watch it on Sunday evenings like I’ve been doing and get your paper out of the way now—your professor will thank you for it and so will you. Sure it’ll mess up your live tweeting game, but I promise you the Scandal and How to get Away with Murder cliffhangers will still be as awesome. In fact, there are certain tv shows that I don’t watch at all during the semester. I DVR them so that I can binge watch them as a reward at the end of the semester— just make sure to run past the water cooler with your fingers in your ears the morning after those shows air.

I hope you stayed warm through Octavia and whatever this frigid business was. I mean really, if I wanted to live in Alaska … but seriously, 30 minutes of exposure in this type of weather can lead to frostbite, so make sure that you are limiting your time outdoors when the temperature is in the single digits or dips below zero. Hopefully, you have winter coats that are appropriate for this weather, but if you don’t the MSA did a coat drive in December and I’m sure if you reach out to those folks, they’d be happy to refer you to their contacts to hook you up. Last thing we need is those digits so frozen they can’t type the aforementioned papers.

I think we have a great issue for you this month with lots of interesting content, including an update on the new library and two fabulous travel photo essays, each of which are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum to inspire you to make spring break or summer travel plans.

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Yours Truly,

Jessica Greenstein Editor-in-Chief

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Lunch and learn at the library

By Laura Melamed

Bring your lunch to Langsdale Library’s upcoming discussion series

Bring your lunch to Langsdale Library’s upcoming discussion series. Photo by Laura Melamed for the UB Post
Bring your lunch to Langsdale Library’s upcoming discussion series. Photo by Laura Melamed for the UB Post

What comfort food do you eat while you cram for an exam? Students have favorites that may not make the grade when it comes to recommendation by nutrition experts. Still, students’ favorite snacks appear to provide at least some motivation—as these students can still be seen at the library studying.

Donuts with any kind of filling are Stephen Boyd’s favorite. Boyd, who works at the Langsdale Library, usually studies at home. The library’s policy allows small snacks, but Boyd likes to have at least six donuts handy.

“Only while studying for an exam,” he said. “Otherwise I eat ridiculously healthy.”

“I usually get whatever I can get my hands on,” Paris Johnson, another UB student who works at the library, said Johnson is referring to brownies of any variety. She likes to study in the library’s open area near the expansive windows with an extended view of the city.

A little more particular in his brownie choices, student Don Clark likes to eat vegan brownies from local restaurant Liquid Earth. His favorite study location in the Langsdale Library is a third floor table overlooking Penn Station and Station North.

Nachos were number one for Alex Tremble, UB alum who used to work at the Langsdale Library.

Cliff bars, chai lattes, apples, and chips were Abdu Eaton’s favorite study foods before he graduated from UB. Also a former Langsdale student employee, Eaton could often be seen studying in the library.

Librarian Tyson Fogel likes to snack on spirulina carob energy chunks while taking online classes.“Besides that,” he said, “the nice cheap-o peanuts.” He also likes apples, pears and anything else reasonably healthy that he doesn’t have to cook.

Pringles and granola bars are student Danielle Reaves’s favorite study snacks. Reaves, who just started working at Langsdale Library, likes to hang out in the library’s study rooms where she can munch and learn.

Lunch and learn at the library this semester in a series of informal talks given by faculty in room 319. This is a unique lunchtime opportunity for professors and students to discuss various topics, for faculty to network, or for any member of the UB com- munity who simply wants to learn. The library will provide lemonade and cookies.

Three discussions are currently scheduled:

Sept. 30, 2014, 1-2 p.m. with Sujan Shrestha from the School of Information Arts and Technology.

Oct. 22, 2014, 1-2 p.m. with Sharon Glazer from the Division of Applied Behavioral Sciences.

Nov. 20, 2014, 12:30-1:30 p.m. with Carol Molinari from the School of Health and Human Services.

For more information please contact Mike Kiel at or 410.837.4236.

And enjoy your lunch.

The Library Insider: News from Langsdale

The Case of the Missing Library

By Laura Melamed

Are you looking for the library?

We’re open in our new location. Find us on the third floor of the Learning Commons. Whether you take the elevator or the stairs, you can’t miss us.

Natalie Library
Library Insider 1: Reference and Instruction Librarian Natalie Burclaff at the reference desk in Langsdale Library at the new Learning Commons location

We know that treasure hunts can be fun but in this case you might have to settle for finding us as soon as you reach the third floor. The fun could be found in hunting for books but, sorry to disappoint you, that may be a little easier as well.

Our books are now located several feet from the circulation desk which you can see as soon as you enter DVDs are still right nearby and they’re still free to check out. Several study rooms can be found near the circulation desk as well.

You can find more study rooms on the fourth floor along with a number of computers.

Is it time for a study break? Take in the expansive view of Baltimore City through huge windows on both the third and fourth floors.

Library Insider 2: Ron Williams, MFA Creative Writing and Publishing Arts, reads at Langsdale Library’s new location in the Learning Commons


Do you want to socialize? Come to the library’s Cupcake Social on Sept. 3 from rom 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Fill your water bottle at one of the library’s two filtered water filling stations.

Do you need to prove to your parents you were at the library?

Get your photo taken with your favorite book. Library staff can turn a portrait of you and your beloved publication into a Read poster for parents, posterity or personal enjoyment. It’s up to you to pick.

Then pick out another book. Langsdale Library has many. You never know which one will be your new favorite.

Obviously, there are many reasons to visit the library. And obviously, it’s a visit you don’t want to miss.