Editor’s Review: The Director: A Memoir by J.K. Stein

Length: 162 pages

Content: Mature

Genre: Memoir

Quality Rating: 5/5 stars


The Director by J.K. Stein is a memoir that will hit you so hard you will almost wish it doesn’t exist. In less than two hundred pages, Stein captivates the reader with a story that will mesmerize, disturb, and, ultimately, leave them with the feelings of hope and a willingness to help.

My experience with this memoir was incredibly special; I received a petite package in the mail, addressed in a bold black sharpie, I opened it to find a thin white book with four words and a name on the cover, along with Stein’s signature which I have fallen in love with. My first thought was how much this book looks like a screenplay, I was already intrigued.

Dedicating this memoir “To those who broke their silence and to those still searching for their voice,” Stein invites the reader to glimpse…no, not glimpse…walk alongside her in her unforgettable past; her unforgettable journey with a man known only as The Director.

The title, The Director, is incredibly intimidating. A director is one who is in charge of directing those working under them; Stein’s story is one of the many we have been hearing a lot of lately: a man with too much power always gets what he craves no matter what the cost is.

Within the opening two chapters we are introduced to J, a bright young college graduate beginning her New York adventure. She met The Director for the first time at a Starbucks where he was hypnotized by her overwhelming beauty. From then on, their relationship becomes a repetitive and uncomfortable wreck that no one, not even J, can turn their heads away from.

Throughout the novel we see J battling the desire for her future while suffering through the manipulations of The Director. The accounts are rivetingly graphic, often making me want to burst into the room and pull J out of these situations. There are plenty of times you will be asking why she doesn’t just opt out of working with this revolting human being, because, surely, there were plenty of chances to get out of this situation. But, like many times, it is not that simple.

At its base, The Director is a therapy piece; by utilizing her journal entries from her disrupted past, Stein pieces together a method that allowed her to reflect and see her own situation from a different point of view. This memoir is a journey of self-discovery and bravery, by the end any reader is able to see that you do not need to be afraid to tell your story.

There are 399 people that understand Stein’s story exactly and there are so many more that can relate to her story one way or another. It does not need to be a secret, you do not need to hide away in shame, you are understood and loved and your voice deserves to be heard and you deserve justice.

And to those of you, any of you, who choose to go against consent…your story will be told too; people like J.K. Stein are coming forward with a strength that will astound you in a way that will make you wish you never even looked at them.


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